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The OutFit Training Mobile Gym Franchise Opportunity Is the Future of Fitness!

If you’re excited by the possibility of combining your love of fitness with your entrepreneurial drive, you may already know that opportunities in the fitness industry are numerous and can be confusing to choose from. But an OutFit Training mobile gym franchise is a unique and scalable investment that will position you as a leader in the fitness sphere and comes with our comprehensive training and support. Keep reading to find out why now is the perfect time to take your love of fitness to the next level with OutFit Training.

A Low-Cost Fitness Franchise Investment

We’re exceptionally proud of the fact that ours is an affordable investment that will allow you to quickly become a small business owner in the robust fitness industry. Our business model calls for minimal staffing and low overhead, allowing you to maximize your profits. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from:

Proprietary Technology:

Our robust mobile app connects users to a network of trainers, vans, and training ground locations, allowing the user to effortlessly find, book, pay, and check-in to the experience of their choosing.

Recurring Revenue Streams:

Large group workouts and private personal training subscription memberships are tiered and billed monthly for steady and dependable income.

Mind-Blowing Workouts:

We’ve developed innovative, best-in-class workout experiences that will keep your clients motivated, excited, and ready to come back for more!

When you become part of the OutFit Training brand family, your customized OutFit Training van will offer the same tiers of service that clients expect from a full-service health club. You’ll be able to bring a premium group fitness experience to a park, a school, a business, or a neighborhood near you — all with the support of our deep industry knowledge and expertise!

Fitness on Wheels

At the heart of our mobile fitness franchise opportunity are mobility and convenience. These days, more people are prioritizing their time and efforts. Your Outfit gym on wheels will be there for them, with accessible, motivating, and energizing outdoor workouts that can happen almost anywhere. Best of all, our new franchisee training program will quickly get you and your staff up to speed on our business model, and our support center will be available to help with sales and marketing, member acquisition and retention, customer service, and much more. We know how important it is to start your business on the right footing and to stay scalable and competitive — and we don’t leave that to chance! 

Be Your Own Boss

There are many advantages to being a small business owner, and one of the most rewarding is being able to structure your time the way you’d like. Naturally, your mobile gym franchise will require your oversight and involvement, especially when you’re first starting out. But as you grow and establish your business, chances are good that you’ll have the ability to carve out more free time away from work. You’ll be overseeing your franchise at an executive level, relying on trusted staff to manage day-to-day operations while you take in the big picture and set growth goals.

You’ll also be free to network more regularly with your community, establishing relationships with other business leaders and sharing with the public everything your OutFit Training franchise has to offer.

Become Part of a Thriving Industry!

The pandemic has changed a lot about how we approach fitness. More people are prioritizing their health, with outdoor exercise becoming an important segment within the industry. Today, the US fitness industry is worth $33.25B and has experienced 3% to 4% percent growth over the last decade, with the number of fitness instructors estimated to grow 13% by 2028. 

As an OutFit Training franchisee, you’ll be at the center of this exciting and important industry, with a team of leaders behind you to help you leverage our unique and flexible business model every step of the way!

To find out more about what separates an OutFit Training mobile franchise opportunity from the rest of the gym franchises, get in touch today!

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