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Join the Fitness Industry
with an OutFit Training Fitness Franchise
Opportunity in North Carolina

Are you passionate about fitness and the great outdoors? Outfit Training has an exciting and unique investment opportunity that could be the perfect opportunity for you!

If you’re located in the beautiful state of North Carolina, our fitness franchise opportunity is ready to help you achieve your dreams of owning a low-cost and accessible mobile boutique gym.

With many people becoming more health-conscious and looking for ways to stay fit, there’s a growing demand for outdoor fitness options. Investing in OutFit Training’s innovative outdoor gym on wheels will provide a unique fitness experience for people who enjoy robust exercise routines in the fresh air.

Join the Fitness Industry with an OutFit Training Fitness Franchise Opportunity in North Carolina

What Makes North Carolina the Ideal Location for an OutFit Training Fitness Franchise?

Due to its favorable climate of warm summers and mild winters, North Carolina is an ideal location for outdoor gyms. Residents can enjoy exercising outside most of the year, making it a more appealing option than indoor gyms. 

Our outdoor gym model provides a unique value proposition that sets us apart, attracting enthusiasts looking for a unique workout experience and giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Why Invest in an OutFit Training Fitness Franchise?

No matter where we’re located, OutFit Training is a trailblazer in the fitness industry! When you partner with us, we’ll provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to succeed in a fiercely competitive environment.

Our mobile fitness model is innovative and unlike any other in the industry, allowing franchisees to bring high-quality fitness programs to enthusiasts across multiple locations throughout North Carolina. This flexibility is essential to meeting customers’ evolving needs and contributes to the potential for scalability and expansion.

OutFit Training prioritizes franchise training and support for our franchisees. We offer an extensive onboarding program that’s a combination of virtual and live learning to ensure franchisees are adequately equipped to run their business successfully. We also provide ongoing support, including marketing assistance, tech support, and continued education, to help franchisees see growth and stay on top of best practices.

Investing in an OutFit fitness franchise comes with numerous other benefits, too, including a flexible business model that allows you to enjoy various perks, such as:

  • Low overhead costs and minimal staffing requirements that reduce the expenses associated with opening and running your franchise. This means you can focus more on growing your business and less on cost.
  • Cutting-edge technology and a mobile app that are designed to revolutionize workout routines, providing convenience and flexibility for personalized and exceptional fitness experiences. This helps set OutFit Training apart from other fitness franchises and is a significant selling point for potential members.
  • An expert marketing approach to help boost your reach and maximize growth potential with optimized territory penetration. Our marketing strategy targets your ideal audience and enables you to reach them more efficiently, giving you a higher chance of success.

The Cost of Investing in an OutFit Mobile Fitness Franchise

Our fitness franchise opportunities in North Carolina provide a distinctive and innovative opportunity that positions owners as leaders in the outdoor fitness industry. While we recognize that financial investments can be daunting, we’ve designed our investment numbers to be reasonable, making franchise ownership more attainable for aspiring entrepreneurs. The following is an overview of the costs associated with investing in an OutFit franchise:





Net worth requirement
Liquid capital requirement
Total franchise cost
$93,800 – $199,950
What Makes North Carolina the Ideal Location for an OutFit Training Fitness Franchise?

We’re also pleased to offer a $3,500 discount on the initial franchise fee to eligible United States Veterans, first responders, or active-duty military to show appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

Should you require additional funds to finance your OutFit Training fitness franchise, we can provide you with assistance by connecting you with our third-party partner, who can help you with the necessary financing for your mobile OutFit Training gym.

Become part of the booming fitness industry in Northern Carolina by investing in an OutFit Training fitness franchise. Contact us to learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity!

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